Letters from Mr. Harrell

Letters from Mr. Harrell
Posted on 04/30/2020
Mr. Harrell

Happy Springtime Everyone! 

Ms. Baca and I are feverishly working to wrap up the 21-22 school year.  It seems like the struggles of fall and winter are decades behind us…Thank goodness!  The end of one school year and planning for another means it is also a time of transition for many of our staff.  First, after an unbelievable career stretching over three decades and two different school districts, Ms. Goody has decided it’s time to hang up her crayons and scissors. Congratulations to Ms. Goody on a career well done.  So many lives were touched by her teaching.  Dr. Bonella or “Dr. B.” will also transition to a full-time Physical Education teacher position at Timber Trail Elementary School in Castle Pines.  This is great news for Dr. B. as she will earn a full-time salary compared to her Franktown prorated salary while also reducing her commute time drastically.  We are so happy for her and her family.  Next, Mrs. Strapac will be returning to her home state of Washington where she and her immediate family will be closer to their extended family that they miss so much.  Please help me to send off these special teachers with great wishes!

These transitions mean adjustments for our staffing for the 22-23 school year.  The following table shows where our classroom staff will be assigned for the 22-23 school year:


1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade














only 2 sections





While Ms. Murphy will continue to be our Art Teacher and Ms. Dabb will continue to be our Music Teacher, we will need to hire a new Physical Education Teacher.  Our Instructional Support Services team will remain the same with a small adjustment to our Certified Significant Support Needs Teachers.  Ms. Kremer and Ms. Walker will job share to support these learners.

Of course, all this work also means it’s time to begin placing kids into classes for next year.  We do have an extensive process of considering academic needs, social-emotional needs, special plans, the history of students, and other variables to ensure we find the best placement for all of our students.  As we continue to partner with our families, if you think you have additional information for us to consider in your student’s classroom placement, we will consider that input.  Please avoid requesting a specific teacher because changes will continue to occur, and the teachers we have now may or may not be the same teachers we start the school year with. Please provide this input to [email protected] or [email protected] by April 22, 2022.

If you know of any very talented teachers for any of our vacancies, please be sure to tell them what a wonderful place Franktown Elementary is and send them our way.

Thanks so much for your partnership,

Mark Harrell, Principal

Chandra Baca, Assistant Principal

Franktown Elementary